Intro to Applied Data Analytics

Price: $1,250.00


Training Description:

Take your career to the next level with data analytics skills. Regardless of your profession, role, or industry, data skills will boost your impact and create long-term professional opportunity. Best part of all is that there are no prerequisites for enrolling in the Data Analytics Training Program, nor is a previous transcript or tech foundation needed. The coursework is designed for working professionals from all backgrounds and industries.

Expect real-world case studies from tech giants such as AirBNB, Google, Spotify, and more; a flexible schedule for a working professional; 1:1 support; and weekly collaboration (Wednesdays, from 7pm - 9pm) with your Instructor and fellow students for project-based learning. There are no tests or quizzes, just real-world projects.


Intro to Applied Data Analytics begins February 15th and concludes March 26th. 


Learn from professors in the industry on how to use Excel, Tableau, and other tools to analyze and visualize data. Complete real-world projects featuring case studies from Silicon Valley tech leaders and build a data portfolio. Earn a Certificate of Completion and an Excel and Tableau Specialist badge for promotion on LinkedIn upon successful program completion.

Assessed Credit:

3 Hours of General Elective Credit