Financial Stewardship

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The foundation of this module is to set the paradigm for developing a stewardship mindset. As Christians, we need to understand first and foremost that God owns everything. He owns your possessions, he owns your money, and he owns your life. God owns everything since He created all things. So, where does that leave us? What about all the stuff I have? If God owns it, then what am I doing with it? Great question. This module will cover this idea of what we are to do with the “stuff” we have. We will look at two concepts, one from a secular standpoint and the other from a Biblical standpoint. These two ideas however draw us to the same conclusions, we have responsibilities and someone else (in the Biblical context, God) has rights. These two positions will overlap in many areas: they are fiduciary and steward. Then, you will review the five characteristics of a stewards; proportionate giving, living a controlled, debt-free lifestyle, paying taxes with integrity and thanksgiving, setting goals as a family (couple), and accountability.