Employability Skills

Price: $535.00

Program Description:

Employability skills cover a broad range of important, non-technical topics that are listed by employers as essential to job performance. On average, one quarter of the skills required for all jobs are employability skills. Employees with strong employability skills will be invaluable members of high-performing, collaborative teams.

Access: Immediately Available (up to 1 year to complete)

Duration: 97 Lesson Modules (approximately 90 - 100 hours of time to complete the training)

Assessed Credit: 3 Hours of General Elective Credit

Skills Include:

  • Study Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Team Building Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Workplace Skills
  • Stress Management Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Microsoft Office© Skills
  • Personal Finances Skills
  • Career Building Skills