HOPE Certificate

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HOPE Certificate Course Introduction

Understanding Trauma and the 10 Steps of Healing from Emotional Pain for Christians Seeking Personal Recovery or Skills for Integrating Faith and Practice.

My name is Dr. David King, and I am so glad that you decided to invest in yourself through this course personally or professionally for healing, helping others or to improve your relationship with God through this in-depth course.

The HOPE series is designed as a master mental health class to walk participants through the foundational steps of the process of healing from painful emotions, past hurts, and negative patterns. I am confident that through this course you will find healing grace and truth and experience personal change as well as gain skills and strategies to help yourself and others as you listen, pray and follow along in the note-taking and personal recovery activity guide included with this course.

God cares deeply about people and their hurts and struggles as the loving Father He is and my prayer is that through this course, and what you will learn about both the healing process and what the Bible has to say about us and our painful emotions, that you will begin to experience greater emotional healing and wholeness and be used by God to share it with others.

I have practiced the principles in this course for more than 25 years and have also personally experienced the change that God can bring by using them. I have also worked with hundreds of individuals in therapy during this time and taught this course in church and other settings and seen the growth and freedom that people have experienced through understanding and practicing the knowledge and skills they have learned. I know that it can work for you and those you serve or minister to as well.

May God richly bless you, heal your painful emotions and reveal His abounding and steadfast love to you as you complete these workshops and use you to share transforming grace and truth with others.

HOPE Certificate Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will learn proven Biblical and clinical interventions shown to reduce symptoms of negative emotions and pain from past hurts to improve emotional health and relationships.
  2. Participants will learn where painful and negative emotions like depression, anxiety, anger, guilt, and shame come from, their impact, and the healing process step by step.
  3. Participants will learn how to understand and recognize the symptoms and roots of emotional problems to get beyond managing symptoms to the root of emotional pain to achieve lasting change.
  4. Participants will learn how to identify barriers to emotional healing and apply the process of cleaning out emotional wounds.
  5. Participants will learn how to confront emotional pain and its causes, move toward forgiveness, and release emotional pain,
  6. Participants will learn how to recognize and resolve core beliefs that feed emotional pain and personal problems.
  7. Participants will learn how to identify and relieve relationship symptoms and patterns rooted in past hurts.
  8. Participants will learn how to find the freedom to live with the scars of the past.



  • Completely online
  • 10 Modules of Learning
  • 10 hours of Lectures
  • Resources provided


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