Wesley Seminary Orientation

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Welcome to the Wesley Seminary!   You are about to begin an exciting journey of learning and transformation.  This orientation is designed to equip you for what lies ahead.  Each section has been carefully designed to acquaint you with the tools and resources that promote your success as a learner.  In this first workshop, we will review:

  • "You belong here!": The mission and ethos of the Wesley Seminary
  • The IWU Portal:  Access to information, tools, and resources
  • Brightspace: Our Learning Management System
  • Courses and curriculum:  The benchmarks of your program

You will be expected to complete the quizzes included in this orientation prior to your first class.  Additionally, this orientation will be continually available to you as you proceed through your academic program.  So if you forget something, or need a quick review, come on back to this resource as needed.